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Our story

Schebell. Where does this idea come from?

As simple as it gets, Schebell is a fusion of our family names, Belovic and Schebek


How did we end up in Cannes?

Our common journey started about 7 years ago in our home country - Slovakia. We have always dreamt of having our own restaurant and so one day despite complicated entrepreneur conditions we just decided to make it happen. We started to build our own brand, studied a lot and create our first own recipes. We did feel so happy and blessed for being able to do what we love and serve customers the way we always imagined. Every bit of the invested effort and energy started to pay off quite swiftly and life was indeed beautiful, up to the point when Covid 19 hit. Our government forcefully and deliberately closed all the restaurants in the country leaving us and all other entrepreneurs with little to no help and compensation for almost 2 years. Of course, we refused to give our dream away so easily and so our restaurant was transformed into a lovely food truck in a matter of days. For a moment the life was beautiful again but, in all honesty, cooking from a car in below zero temperatures (yes these are Slovak winters) simply did not match our own standards of quality and service. Therefore, despite the enormous support we were receiving from people across the whole country we just packed into our old Honda one day and hit the road.


So where do we go now?


Initially our path was not clear at all. We knew we wanted nice weather, ideally the seaside and last but not least a country with rich history and culture hence nice people. The fact that David used to work in Southern France before helped us streamline our wild travelling ideas. I remember the moment we arrived at this beautiful land. We knew this was it and immediately fell in love with this area. The search for a new restaurant could begin. As one can imagine, the process of setting up a new business in a foreign country with little to no knowledge of the local language can prove challenging. At first, we struggled to arrange even very basis things. The frustration was growing, and it was at the very last moment that our dear friend Damian was sent to us from heaven. His selfless help and support put us back on track again. We might very well sleep on the beach up to this moment without him. He also showed us this charming and vibrant piece of Cannes called Suquet. After all, where on earth will you find better place for a restaurant than in France?


If you made it all the way here, you deserve all our gratitude. We thank you from bottom of our heart for being a part of Schebell dream.


Enjoy your meal we prepared for you in house with local ingredients.


And make sure you try some of our latest gimmicks like flying beer or wine.

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tomas plecho
Jan 12

outstanding journey, congratulations and lots of love 🙂

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